Monica Ruth Consiglio-Wyman

Rosie The Riveter 5k


Project: Logo for Rosie The Riveter 5k Run or 1 Mile Walk.

The Walk & Run's goals are two-fold: 1. To set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Rosie's in one area, and 2. Raise money to benefit WNY Veterans Housing Coalition, Inc.

The logo needed to have the visual essence of the Rosie The Riveter campaigns during WWII. Much research was done to figure out what running shoes looked like in the 1940's, and it was found that they looked much like the Chuck Taylors that are worn today (though I don't recommend actually running in Chucks!) Using this information, a logo was created that featured vintage running shoes wrapped up in the iconic Rosie scarf.

A retro typeface was chosen to complement the logo itself, and the use of red, white, and blue ties in with the color palette that Rosie wore.